Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We offer the following services: free online e-mail,local, national and international news, weather, sports, stock market, . We provide a search engine, links to local and surrounding areas touching Houston County. We also provide computer consultation and site building to any nonprofit local organization.

This site is owned and operated by Mike and Pat Davis

This site was origionally started under the name of The Houston County Hobo's Guide To the Internet when the internet was first introduced to the Tennessee schools in 1994 as a resource for our area teachers. The name came about as the results of how I met my wife on my last "Hobo" trip from Los Angeles to New York and because my wife's dad had hoboed in the depression years, going from job to job to put food on the table. I felt that hobos and teachers had a great deal in common, both had limited resources and both required the sharing of those resources to survive. Next came Online Auctions and this site moved to offer a singular place for resources available to the area antique dealers selling on the web. Today that resource provides thousands of dollars of income to the people of Houston County. The Tennessee EXPRESS News Online service came about as the results of seeing the opportunity to tie all of the resources that we had gathered together under one name. Our goal was to provide our county with a point of presence on the world wide web equal to that of any available to the large metropolitan areas and still within the budget limits available to us.